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Radio commercials: Valencia Hard Festival 2013

This week we’ve been working in some radio commercials for one of the biggest events of this year: VALENCIA HARD FESTIVAL 2013.

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Mastering for Lorv’s Records

Last week we worked on the mastering of three nice House tracks by John Lorvs.

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Mastering “Bumping Forever (3CD)”

We did mastering of the three cds of the compilation “Bumping Forever” by Squad Music. Inside you can find artists like DJ Dbc, Gari Seleckt, Neira, M. Aimeur, etc.

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Mixing and mastering Bladi & Dr. Mako – Alive (hard remixes)

This week we have mixed and mastered some remixes of the very well known “Alive” by the romanian artists Bladi and Dr Mako. In this case, three remixes by Jump Trackz (hardstyle), Dj Toxic Ripper (hardcore, just mastering) and 33%

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Mastering for Miguel Aimeur & Neira

This week… mastering for Miguel Aimeur and Dj Neira. In this case it’s a powerful hardhouse track.

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Mixing and mastering for Jump Trackz

This week we’ve done mixing and mastering for Jump Trackz. Two hard tracks: Wapen (hardstyle) and Crazy (newstyle-jumpstyle) that will be published by Jumpnation. Here you can see the cover design:

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Mixing and mastering for El Diluvi

This week we’ve been mixing and mastering for the folk-rock group El Diluvi. Their disk is done and will be out in less than a month. Here is a sample of the cover desgin, it’s really nice:

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Mastering for Lorv’s Records

Today we did mastering for John Lorv’s (Lorv’s Records). It’s a very nice house track, as usual!

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Mixing and Mastering for Neira and M. Aimeur

Today we prepared the mixing and mastering of a track by Neira and M. Aimeur. It’s a hard-dance remix of the very well known track “Alive” by the romanian artists Bladi and Dr Mako.

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Mastering for Dj Pablo

This week we are mastering two tracks by Dj Pablo. Two jump/tek tracks that will be published by Sur+.

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