Acoustic studies (coming soon)

We do sound pressure measurements and acoustic studies.

  • Ambiental licenses and business opening acoustic studies as stablished in acoustic contamination protection laws.
  • Sound isolation testing for buildings.
  • Sound measurements in public places.
  • Testing of the acoustic isolation of recording studios, music bars, auditoriums, etc.
  • Loudspeaker systems intelligibility checking.


Experience in recordings. Microphones and conditioned room.

Mixing and mastering

Fifteen years mixing and mastering for many artists all around Europe.
From folk to hardcore. Professional studio with QuadCore computer, first quality hardware and software (TC Electronics, Novation, Steinberg, Oxford Sonnox, Powercore, etc.).

Physical and digital distribution

I you work with us, we’ll give you advice and direct contact with record labels. You’ll be able to work hand by hand with labels.

Sound edition

Sound editing for cinema and animation. Sound mastering, dubbing, sound synthesis, sound design, effects, etc.


Coming soon.